In June 2012 Michi Wohlleben, Arne Bergau and Hannes Jähn tried to climb the east face of mount Jirishanca which is 6094 meters high and is located in the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru. Since the first ascent by Toni Egger and Siegfried Jungmeir in 1957 there has only been one other successful expedition on the east side.
Director: Hans Hornberger
Climbers: Michi Wohlleben, Arne Bergau, Hannes Jähn
Camera: Hans Hornberger
Climbing Footage: Michi Wohlleben, Arne Bergau, Hannes Jähn
Edit & Postproduction: Hans Hornberger
Music: Julian Gröner
Mix & Mastering: Duktusbeats
Narrator: Carlos Lobo
Special Thanks: Michi Wohlleben, Arne Bergau, Hannes Jähn, Franz Walter, Zarela Zamora Juan, Ermundo, Julian Gröner, Andreas Fabritius, Carlos Lobo, Johanna Stöckl, Janina Lermer Verena Edenhofer, Claudio Edenhofer, Sabine Stoat

Sponsored by: Salewa, Scarpa, Knott, Würth, Suunto,, Julbo
Michael Wohlleben